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​Updates on Tenders and Bids 
E -tendering -RFP/2017/0000001273SCMOProfessional Services
, Study on Value Chain Analysis on stones, metals and hydrocarbon in Afghanistan.
19/04/2017Contract Awarded
E-tendering -RFP-1272SCMOProfessional Services
Building Human Capital in the Extractive Industry in Afghanistan for Fostering Human Development.
19/04/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1162OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Medicine & Medical Supplies for HIV Progra
24/01/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERNG-RFQ-1260OthersOffice Supplies
Request for Quotation for Printing Services
29/03/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1248OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Safer Injecting Packages for HIV Programme
27/03/2017Bids Opened
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1215OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Safer Injecting Kit for UNDPHIV Programme
08/03/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1214OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Nutrition Food Supplies for UNDP/HIV
09/03/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1208OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Medical Supplies for UNDP/ GFP/HIV Program
02/03/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1207OthersFleet Management
RFQ for for Lunch and Refreshment for UNDP/GFP
05/03/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1205OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Procurement of Sputum container
27/02/2017Contract Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1147OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ for Safer Injecting Packages for HIV Programme
08/01/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1136OthersMedical Equipment's
RFQ - Procurement of Nutrition Supplies for HIV Programm
27/12/2016Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1238OthersOffice Supplies
RFQ for AA2J Printing Services
14/03/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
Procurement of HVR1500A HDV/DVCAM VTR
29/03/2017Bids Opened
Procurement IT equipment for LOTFA SPM Project
05/03/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
E-TENDERNG-ITB-1200OthersProfessional Services
ITB for Provision of Ancillary Services to UNDP Af
19/03/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFP-1133OthersProfessional Services
ocio-Economic Survey on M&E on ADP, Afghanistan
09/01/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1157LOTFAFleet Management
Supply, delivery and installation of Air condition
17/01/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFP-1156OthersProfessional Services
Public Outreach for Photo Shooting Competition
30/01/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFP-1153OthersProfessional Services
Study on Value Chain Analysis of Gemstones & Gold/
02/02/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1152LOTFAOffice Supplies
Supply and installatoin of parquet flooring
09/01/2017Contract Awarded
RFQ CCTV and Related accessories and services-Revi
10/01/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFP-1253SCMOProfessional Services
Review of MoIA Capacity in Afghanistan
09/04/2017Receiving Bids
E-TENDERING-RFP-1230SCMOProfessional Services
Micro Capacity Assessments of the IPs and RPs
30/03/2017Receiving Bids
Media Pool Installation at Nat'l Assembly of AFG
02/03/2017Bid Evaluation
LAN Installation at Nat'l Assembly of AFG
02/03/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFP-1190OthersProfessional Services
Independent Monitoring Agent
28/02/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFP-1179OthersProfessional Services
Socio-Economic Survey on M&E  of AD in AFG -Re-adv
16/02/2017Oversight Committee Review
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1254OthersPower and Energy
Air Conditioners for ICSPA Project
23/03/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1239OthersPower and Energy
Electrical Equipment for EVAW Courts
14/03/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
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