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​Updates on Tenders and Bids 
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1848OthersOffice Supplies
Furniture for Provincial office MPD
04/12/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-ITB-1860OthersCivil Works
Construction of Female Police Facilities
27/12/2017Bid Evaluation
06/12/2017Bidding Cancelled
Pass ID and Consumables
24/12/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1898OthersPower and Energy
Supply & Delivery of Solar Water Heater System
17/01/2018Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-ITB-1913OthersCivil Works
Construction of Female Police Office Facility-4
27/01/2018Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFP-1551OthersProfessional Services
Community Engagement Outreach Project, CAT-B
27/11/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1803OthersOffice Supplies
Electrical items for MPD Project
24/11/2017Bid Evaluation
Provision of FIber Optic Intenet Services
04/12/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1790OthersFleet Management
RFQ for Vehicle Spare parts UNDP CO
14/11/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-ITB-1783OthersOffice Supplies
ITB- procurement of Cooking Stoves
26/11/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1753OthersOffice Supplies
Car Wash Facility at UNDP CO
14/11/2017Bid Evaluation Completed
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1648OthersPower and Energy
Solar Water Heating System in 17 sites  for MRRD
10/12/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1631OthersOffice Supplies
Printing Services for AA2J Project
10/09/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFP-1570OthersProfessional Services
LTA for Property Registration for LoGo
18/09/2017Bid Evaluation
E-TENDERING-ITB-1533OthersCivil Works
Construction Services
30/08/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFP-1532OthersProfessional Services
Provision of Written Translation Services
20/08/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1470OthersProfessional Services
TV Announcement Services
08/02/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDRING-ITB-1481OthersProfessional Services
Simultaneous and written Translation Services
05/08/2017Bidding Cancelled
Establishment and Training of Beekeeping
27/07/2017Bidding Cancelled
IT Equipment for MPD Project
13/08/2017Bidding Cancelled
Procurement of Laptop computers
07/05/2017Bidding Cancelled
Camera Accessories and MacBook
15/05/2017Bidding Cancelled
Provision of fiber optic base internet Service
24/05/2017Bidding Cancelled
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1846OthersOffice Supplies
Air conditioners for UNDP  Country office
30/11/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1819OthersFleet Management
RFQ Procurement of Generator Spare Parts UNDP CO
24/11/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1810OthersOffice Supplies
UNDP Country Office Cleaning Materials (661940 AFN)
23/11/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1782OthersCivil Works
Pre-fab Accommodation Containers for UNDP CO
19/11/2017Contract Awarded
E-TENDERING-RFQ-1780OthersOffice Supplies
Cleaning Materials & Refreshments for SMP & MPD Pr (1272050 AFN)
13/11/2017Contract Awarded
Purchase of Genuine Mobile Phones
14/11/2017Contract Awarded
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